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Hi -

I saw your status update post and just wanted to offer you some hope...Sydney was breech my entire PG...we had actually just scheduled our c-section for 38 weeks and during my weekly visit in my 37th week the Dr. was doing the internal exam and said i think i feel a head - I was convinced she was wrong becuase I never felt any kind of crazy movement that would lead me to believe she had turned. They sent me for an U/S and she did actually turn at 37 weeks. 

Also they kept telling me up till the very day I delivered that she was 8-8 1/2 lbs...when she was born she was only 6'10 that;s why she had room to turn.

Good luck...hope the little turns in time for you!

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Re: **eyode***

  • thanks for the hope! apparently i was breech until my mom was actually in labor with me and I literally turned at the hospital. so we'll see!
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