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Dairy and puffs for 7 month old question

So I have seen that a bunch of people on the 6-12 board have offered yogurt and puffs and baby mum mums to their little ones starting at 6mo - 9 mo.   I just called the pedi and the advice nurse said no yogurt until at least 9 mo and no added salt and sugar, which are in puffs and mum mums.  So cook veggies and offer those as finger foods (this whole thing came about because of wanting to find finger foods and my gluten/wheat allergy, so I was trying to find an alternative to Gerber puffs).  Just wondering what advice you've been given surroounding these issues.  DD is 7 months old and eats stage 1 mostly (peas, green beans, carrots, squash, prunes, sweet potatoes, and bananas so far).  TIA.

Re: Dairy and puffs for 7 month old question

  • my son will be 8 months old and i just started giving him baby food with yogurt in it.  he loves it!  he is not a fan of the puffy's, he yaked it back up last time i gave him one.  maybe your docter is concerned because of your allergies and wants to make sure dd is ok.
  • Yogurt was one of the earlier foods we tried, and DD loves it.  I think it was around 8 months.  If you are concerned about sugar, you can make your own yogurt easily in the crockpot, and sweeten it with frozen no-sugar-added apple juice concentrate, or all-fruit spread.    If you can find them, BeechNut makes these little rice crackers that are sweet potato or veggie flavored.  They have some sugar, but not much.  Way less than puffs.  They have been DD's fave from about 7 months on.
  • One note on the allergy front, I didn't tell her about my celiac disease until after she said no dairy until 9 months.  So I think the advice she had would have been the same.  It did strengthen her opinion about waiting until at least 9 months.  And even then, she said to talk to the pedi at our 9 mo appt before offering yogurt.
  • Yogurt is different than other dairy because the casein is broken down.  We started yogurt at 7.5 months, she loves it!
  • I also specifically said yogurt, rather than just dairy, and she said no. 
  • I was also told no Yogurt till 12mos...something about the bacteria. As far as puffs...we didn't do those we did Kix cereal instead they dissolve just as easily and are fairly healthy (cheaper too in the long run then the Gerber stuff). Sydney loved them, still does.
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  • my son eats yogurt and loves it.  He eats the occasional puff too.

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  • At his 6 month appt. I was told no dairy, wheat or citrus for now and neither DH nor I have any food allergies.  I figure at 9 months they'll give us either the go ahead or keep waiting.  I've also moved Nicholas on to the stage 2 foods.  They really aren't different much in consistancy just bigger containers and typically blends of foods.  He enjoys those.
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  • I asked the pedi and she said that we could do yo baby at 6 months because we have no history of any dairy allergy or intolerance on either side.  We started doing puffs around 6 months as well (which he is wild about).
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  • We started yogurt at about 7 months, and DS loved it.  He has eaten a yogurt pretty much every day since then.  My pedi never said anything about about not giving puffs or anything like that (DS never really liked puffs, though). 

    At that age, DS loved mandarin oranges, pineapples packaged in juice, bananas, and apples (I cut the apple in slices and then microwaved to soften it for him).  He also liked frozen peaches in his mesh feeder.

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