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estrogen and progestrone levels are in...

hi ladies...

my re's office just called.

they like the estrogen to be over 100...mine is 158.

they like the progesterone to be over 10...mine is 14.8.

i know this tells me absolutely nothing as to whether or not this worked...but for those of you who've been through this...does this tell you anything?

also...i did my hcg trigger on 3/20...anyone know how soon do you all think i'd be able to test using a hpt and not risk getting an incorrect result?

sorry for all the questions!!

Re: estrogen and progestrone levels are in...

  • Those are just AWESOME numbers!!!!

    From what I've learned about triggers the rule of thumb is 14 dp triggerI is the guranteed safe day.  Many test it out w/dollar store tests every morning using FMU.  When the 2nd line disappears you know it is out of your system.

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  • Thanks Francisca!  Hopefully the "awesome" numbers will mean something a week from now.

    I did test last night using my last dollar store test from before and it appears the HCG is out of my system.  Not sure if that's good or bad since it was only 10 dp trigger (trigger was on 3/20 and I tested last night on 3/30).

    I guess the wait continues...

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