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Hey I see from the post below that you work part time for an au pair agency. Can you tell me more about your hours and what your responsibilities are. I just started thinking about doing something like this part time and I curious how you like it.?


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  • Oh me too! I was just looking at the cultural care website!
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    Oh me too! I was just looking at the cultural care website!

    I am with Cultural Care as a matter of fact. Big Smile

    Hours are great.  You pretty much do as much as you want.  Depending on the time of year, the number of families you have and the amount of sales you want to do you could make a full time job of it.

    You get given an area, usually a few zipcodes, with families to service.  You do their initial interview, a follow up once their au pair arrives, and monthly follow ups with both au pair and family.  If they have any issues during their year you are the one to mediate / offer suggestions for fixing problems.

    You get paid per family, per month but the big money is in the sales both for repeat families and new families.

    It's a great job.  I get to make my own hours, stay home with DS and still make some money every month.  I like it a lot.

    There is a lot to more too it so if you want more info email me. [email protected]

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