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Repost from SAIF - firs u/s today

Good afternoon ladies!

There is one sac measuring a measley .29 cm. I know it's early but with DS we saw a yolk and gestational sac by this time. The doc wants me to return in 3 weeks for another u/s because I am high-risk for another ectopic pregnancy. She wants to make sure it's not a psuedo-sac.

I feel a bit deflated and I don't know how I'm going to survive waiting 3 more weeks for an ultrasound....

Re: Repost from SAIF - firs u/s today

  • Try not to stress too much.  When I was at about that point with DD, we didn't see anything.  A few days later, there was a sac and 2 weeks later, a good, strong HB.
  • (((HUGS))) It's easier said than done but please try not to worry.  It's still early, early days.  I didn't think they did u/s this early for this exact reason??

    I had my first u/s with DS at 7w so I am not help on what to expect earlier than that. 

    Grow Baby Bean GROW!!!


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  • That doesn't sound bad for how early it is!  That sucks that they are making you wait another 3 weeks though!  Maybe you could talk them into 2 weeks?  ;)~
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  • You are still very early so try to stay positive.  With my boys, the sac for Baby B was measuring small and with no visible yolk sac at 6 weeks. At 7 weeks B still measured small with no H/B.  We thought we were having a singleton for sure. 2 days later I started spotting and thought we were "losing" the second sac.  Nope - went in for an u/s and there he was, catching up to A and with a very definite, strong H/B.  He's now my bigger baby.  

    It's so hard to see anything at this stage - they grow so much in just a matter of days.  3 weeks seems like an awfully long time to wait - could you push for one in 2 weeks?  Sending good vibes your way in the meantime. Grow little one, grow!!

  • Hang in there... sending lots of sticky baby dust (and a side of growth hormones) your way!  Smile

    It's still way early.  Try to stay positive.

  • Oh no, lets not worry!  When I had an u/s at this point I had almost the same exact sac.  A week later it had gotten much bigger and there was even another.  U/Ss at this point are so inaccurate it isn't even funny!  Hang in there and try to be positive (I know how hard that is).  In 3 wks I have no doubt you will have a beautiful strong healthy HB!!!!

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  • I missed your post on SAIF, but just wanted to say good luck!  I'm sure it will be torture to wait for hte next u/s, but you'll be in my thoughts.
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  • Thanks, ladies, as always.

    I'm leaving in 5 miniutes for a REAL beta today. Finally.

  • I agree, try not to worry too much!  Sometimes it is hard when you know too much and compare your situation to the "norm".  I can't tell you how many countless "defeated" stories i have heard with a happy ending.

    I agree...try to push up the u/s sooner!  That way you could give yourself and all of us that happy ending a little sooner:)

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