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Whats the appropriate age?

As i mentioned I took SS swimming Fri eve.  I also took him into the womans changing room.  He was fine at first until we turned a corner and there was a very over weight naked lady.  He panicked and ran.  He's only 7 but poor little mister was cowering behind his towel the whole time.

At what age did you guys let your SS/DS into the mens changing rooms alone?  Also would you trust them to shower properly?


Re: Whats the appropriate age?

  • My SS is 7 & there is no way in hell I would let that kid in the men's changing room alone. MAYBE if he was just changing, but if there was going to be a shower process-he'd be in there for 30 minutes & his hair would still be dry. I just don't trust him enough. I think it all depends on the kid though! GL!
  • Aww, poor baby!

    I'd let him cower behind a towel or let him shower at home. I think he's have to be about ten, vocal and very familiar with what constitutes inappropriate behavior before I allowed him to go shower naked with grown men.

    Besides, the naked men might scare him more than the naked women at that point.

    Pete showers on his own at home. I remind him before he gets in what to wash, grill him after he gets out to make sure he did.

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  • FloF9FloF9 member
    Poor kid!!  I wouldn't trust him to go into the men's room alone to shower.  Hello no.
  • Speaking from an entirely non-mom stand point, I would be appalled if a 7 year old boy saw me naked in the womens locker room. I would be more than appalled, I would be outraged.
    To me if they are old enough to be embarassed, then they are too old to be in there. It sucks, and I would hate to be in that postion as a parent, but to me the non-parent it is really inappropriate.

  • SaranSaran member
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    I say let him change in the mens room and shower at home. I let 7 yr old SS go into the mens bathroom at the stores alone and he waits for me outside the ladies room if he finishes first. Quite frankly, I wouldn't feel comfortable as the naked lady having a 7 yr old in the room looking at me.



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