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I had some spotting yesterday. I FREAKED OUT. I know that there is nothing one can do to prevent anything at this stage in the game, but I totally lost it! I called the RE, and they lovingly told me to come on in. I had blood drawn, which put my HcG at 899 (was 456 2 days ago) and that doubled. My progesterone was at 88. Both good things. They did an US but of course could not see a thing yet as I am about 4w 5d. The tech did say that my lining was 'still chubby' and that my ovaries were grossly oversized. they were 7.7cm and 11.4cm. (supposed to be between 1 and 3 cm) I am to take it easy. The cramping is from my ovaries, and the bleeding is from implantation maybe.

I know that every pregnant mom has this fear, but how do you live your life with it? I worry constantly, and I am always "not bonding" with this new life in my mind for fear that something will happen.

If you have read all of this, you are a saint! I am just freaked out, and I just want to be happy that we are finally pregnant. Cant I just do that? What is wrong with me? 

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  • Spotting will make anybody nervous. I'm sorry you had such a scare, but it sounds reassuring that your RE got you in  and did HCG and and US. Worry will come up, but try to push it out of your mind with good thoughts. Easier said than done, right? (((HUGS))) I'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way to help you out! ;o)
  • ((BIG HUGS)) I would freak out, too :)   Spotting very well could be implantation spotting, especially if it didn't increase and start having clots. And actually some women bleed throughout their entire pg and be completely fine. However, after my m/c in October, I know that (when!!) I ever get pg again I'll be nervous the entire time, and I will also be afraid to bond with it, though as the baby grows you won't be able to help it, lol. :)   It will be ok (hugs)
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  • I would have been freaking out too. No one wants to see spotting for any reason even though we all know it's perfectly normal. As for the worry. I don' think it ever ends. I have been worried since I was pregnant with #1. First with his health and now as he grows older I worry about his safety. Being a mom is hard work but I love. So glad your numbers went way up. Such a good sign. I'm still peeing on sticks to make sure they are getting darker :)
  • I spotted a lot w/Harmon and he was just fine.  It is so scary but you have to try and keep the faith up.  Especially b/c you are having fabulous doubling Wink
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  • I have not been on here in awhile!!!  I am sure it is just normal spotting.  I am aware of the nerves, the next time I get BFP i will be a nervous wreck due to circumstances.  I am sure your nerves will not stop till your u/s this week.  But hang in there I am sure all is fine.  Your numbers look great!!!
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