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i go for my HSG in 4 hours

I go for my HSGin 4 hours. I really cant wait for this to be done and over. I am assuming that he will be able to tell me that everything is okay. and i have to talk to him about the clomid. I am just a little confused about it and i really hope he can clarify it for me. Hubby tells me to dont think about it and just relax, but i dont think he understands. If i do start the clomid today can i just start bding now or have to wait til net week?

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  • You will do fine! You will probably be able to see the dye go right through! It is kind of neat. If you start clomid today, you can have sex whenever you want, but you will usually ovulate between 4 and 10 days after your last pill.

    Make sure  you take some advil before the HSG 

  • thank you for the advice. i went to the store yesterday to get some advil so i can take it beforehand. as for the clomid hubby really hopes i can start taking it today. he is missing bding cause i was unable to for a few weeks now. the dr wanted me to not until after the HSG
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  •  GL w/your HSG!!!!!!!!

    You can have sex anytime you want after your HSG.  Have you sat w/your doctor and really talked about timing intercourse, dates taking Clomid, monitoring, etc?  I'm a little suprised by your questions b/c my doctor sat me down for a really long time and he explained a lot of this and was really open to all of my questions.

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  • we talked about the day to start and how many days to take and then what day to set up the u/s. i am going to talk to him after my HSG. I am heading out now to have that done.
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