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Talk to me about Femara....

After talking to the new RE, it looks like she prefers Femara to Clomid, and will this is probably the route she will suggest after this investigative cycle. I hear that it has less side effects than Clomid, which is good. Anybody have any personal experience with it? TIA!

Re: Talk to me about Femara....

  • I have no personal experience, but I have heard that there are fewer side effects than clomid.
  • I started out with met alone, then met with clomid, then met clomid and a trigger shot.  I had a few side effects in the beginning.  But the thing that truly made me ovulate was femara.  Besides that, side effects were minimal.  I wasn't sure I'd start my period, let alone ovulate the first time one it, but I did!  And on my third round I got my first BFPBig Smile

    Hope this helps hun!

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  • Hi!

    I have tried both Femara and Clomid and loved Femara... no side effects at all for me! Here is a link that I had found when I was about to start taking it... I had found it very informative and hope you do too:?

    ?Good luck! :o)?

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