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OK, maybe she doesn't have Coxsackie...

... we're going back to the ped today to see if it's what she really has.  Over the weekend I thought she'd show more signs of it, but she has no rash on hands or feet, and I don't see anything in her mouth.  She still has a fever.  Maybe it's something else, so I'm going back today so they can look at her again.

Meanwhile I informed my daycare lady and she informed all the parents (as she should) and apparently they're all freaking out (as I guess I would if one of the other kids had this).  But now I've raised the alarm and she may not even have it.  It's like she has the black plague!  My daycare lady is really worried - she said she bleached all her toys per usual this weekend, and bleached her whole house (whatever that means).  DH says well, that's not a bad thing.  If DD doesn't have the virus it doesn't hurt for a daycare to be extra clean!

We'll see later today.  If she doesn't have it, I'll be irritated because I have freaked out a bunch of people, but of course I'll be relieved too!!!!

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Re: OK, maybe she doesn't have Coxsackie...

  • my girls came down with it July 4th weekend last year...I was nervous to hear it was floating around again.    I will let you know that last week we had a bad scare with one of my girls.   She came down with a REALLY high fever for a few days.   We took her to the dr and we did a crazy amount of tests because she had no reasons showing for the fever.  She had no rash either.   We did strep,  flu (eventhough she had the shot, but it could have been a diff strain), urine, chest xray and blood work.   All which have come back clear for now.  We're still waiting on some of the blood work to come back, but we're thinking it's all good.    Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this, is that she just miraculously got better.   The fever subsided and she's fine now.   Maybe there is a funky virus going around here now....   since other than the rash, the only other signs to HFMD is a fever?        I hope your dd is better now-   and yes I see nothing wrong with your daycare provider cleaning up everything extra well every now and then.  


  • I hope she doesn't have it, but you're right that it never hurts to have a clean daycare center.  ;)  And while people got worked up, at least they can possibly be relieved now.

    DS had it a few months ago -- he never got the rash on the hands and feet, but had horrible open blisters on his bum and *** sores in his mouth.  It was misearble -- we kept giving him medicine to numb his mouth that the doctor prescribed.  It would wear off after 2 hours and he would be screaming again.   It is also how he developed his love for Wendy's milkshakes, since cold milk products were the only thing he could eat that didn't hurt his mouth.

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  • What made the pedi think she had it to begin with?

    Maggie had an unexplained fever last Thursday but it wasn't very high - 101.3.  She also wouldn't eat for most of the day and was very fussy (it seemed from the fever and feeling achey) and had a low activity level (very unusual for her).  We kept her home Friday in case the fever came back but she was fine, just a little less active.

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