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Humiliating IL story

So, my FIL was helping DH move some furniture in our bedroom, and they were moving the bed. The frame feet were on furniture coasters (to not tear the carpet) and when they moved the frame, we noticed that all of the coasters were cracked in half. I asked why they would all be cracked like that. . . .Bad idea. FIL asked if we had been "baby makin" lately. . . . I was so red!Embarrassed

Re: Humiliating IL story

  • Eeekk!!  That would make me Embarrassed too!!!   But we all know it's TRUE!!!! 
  • If he only knew. . . with DS, he asked us when we were going in to get "basted" as in turkey baster. . . . Not cool
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  • AHHHHHHH! How embarrassing!!! Why would he ever say that even if he thought that?!?
  • Lol!
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  • Oh wow.  And the 'basted' comment is just so classy.

    I'm sorry.  Thta's just BAD!

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