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What to call body parts?

So DD #1 has been old enough for a while now to name body parts.  She has seen mommy and daddy in their birthday suits, and obviously is very aware of her own body. 

I know some folks are all about calling things what they are, but I just don't want to hear the word "vagina" coming out of her mouth.  So we have a few words we use:

The rear end is the bumper.  My grandmother used to say bumper - actually, she was from Long Island so it came out more like "bumpah" - which is how we say it.  I think butt sounds a little too - I don't know.  DH says bumper or bottom.  She knows poopie comes from her bumper or bottom. 

Her "parts" are her bits and bobs.  Don't even ask me how the heck we got there.  I think DH started calling it her bits and bobs when he bathed her and it just stuck.  She knows pee pee come out of her bits and bobs.

She sees me nursing DD #2 and pumping, so she's very familiar with my bubbies.  Or boobies.  (will the Nest block that out?)  We call my breasts both boobies and bubbies.  Or breasts.  She understands all those words.

My question is, what do we call the male part?  A lot of people call it the "pee pee" but pee pee in our house is what we do in the potty.  (well, she doesn't do it in the potty yet, but that's a while 'nother post).  DH doesn't make a habit of walking around the house naked, but she's certainly seen it (and I think that's fine)... just not sure what to call it. 

I would ask on the national boards but I've seen too many "just call it what it is!" posts where people get flamed for calling body parts cutsey names.  I don't consider us cutesy people, I'm just not ready for the official terms yet - so sue me.

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Re: What to call body parts?

  • how about "dickie" ?
  • DH called it Willy when he grew up (as did his sister) and since I have no recollection nor do I care to bring it up with my parents (i'm an only child) we're going with that!  DH will be taking DD to swim class this summer and will go through the men's locker room...should be interesting what she sees and learns as she hasn't been exposed (pun intended) to willies since last summer (when she was too young to notice (or at least articulate her observations)!

    DH and his sister called the feminine anatomy "Meery" ... boys have willies and girls have meeries.  :)

  • neither of these will work of course if your DD has a friend named Dickie or Willie

    (sorry, but this post is making me LOL)

  • what about a wee wee?  since you pee pee in the potty a little boy uses his wee wee. 

     we ask little man (who totally doesn't understand yet) if he needs a butt or say he's getting a butt change.  when he passes gas it's called butt thunder.  so i guess we have no issues with the word.

  • My hubby grew up calling it his peanie (like beanie with a "p").  That's probably what we will call it in our house too.
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  • We say boobie, bottom, penis and peepee (girls)
  • We say "girl parts" and "boy parts" and tush or bottom.
  • I actually use the word "vagina" with my girls. I am more skeeved out by the "pet names" for some reason. But I know I hear my DH saying "girlie parts" when he gives them a bath. We also use "hiney" - just what I grew up with. I didn't breast feed so we haven't had to really address what boobs are called. ALthough DD has seen them and she doesn't like them. LOL. SHe calls them my "spots" (I guess she is referring to my nips). SHe says "I don't like those spots" LOL. And I know she definitely hasn't seen DH's thingy yet (he's very careful about that) so I don't know what we'll call it. I don't like the pet names of PeePee or WeeWee or WIllie. Maybe just weiner - that is what my SIL uses with her kids.
  • LOL at "spots!"

    Growing up I thought the girl parts were called "pagina."  I don't know how I decided it started with a "p" and not a "v." 

    Yes, most of this is definitely mostly for DH's comfort.  I don't really imagine him ever saying "vagina" to either of his daughters...even when they're grown and have kids of their own!  Then again, he says they're not allowed to date until they're married, and they're not allowed to get married until they're 40.  Stick out tongue

    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • Growing up, I had a wiggy....that is what we call it for DD.  I think vagina was just too difficult to say.

    Not sure what we will call the male part.  We always just called it a penis growing up.

    I did just find out though that growing up, it was called a squidger (don't even know how to spell it!!!) at my dad's home.  My mom was one of 3 girls so they never had a name for it.



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  • We always called both boy and girl parts "privates".
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