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Possible to develop PCOS after 2 kids??

I'm not TTC just yet (probably not for a few more months, like 6) but I am wondering if this could become an issue for me. I've read up on PCOS and I'm a little worried that I could be or have developed it over the course of the two years since I had my last son. I have put on a tremendous amount of weight (50 pounds in 2 years, plus I was 60 pounds overweight to begin with when I was PG the last 2 times) and I know that while PCOS doesn't always affect overweight women - it does affect some (or can be a side effect even??)

Anyway there are several reasons I am asking about PCOS - obviously I do have some symptoms of it including the absence of a period since I've been off the pill (4 months now and still no sign of a period and I am definitely NOT pg).... but I don't know if this (PCOS) is something you can develop later or if it's something typically present since puberty?? TIA for any advice/comments/etc....


Re: Possible to develop PCOS after 2 kids??

  • For some women, PCOS can be fully controlled by weight control and diet. It is possible that you have always be predisposed to PCOS and when you gained the weight from the pregnancies, it got worse. One of the possible side effects of PCOS is insulin resistance and insulin resistance is more common in overweight people. You should go see a reproductive endocrinologist immediately so that you can get a full work up. You should also continue to try to lose the baby weight. It seems to have controlled the PCOS (if that is in fact what you have). A simple solution would be taking metformin, losing a little baby weight and possibly adding clomid too. Good luck!!
  • I def agree with pp. Yes, in a way, PCOS can rear it's ugly head after you've already had kids and no trouble getting pregnant, but it's not common. Metformin itself can increase your chances of fertility simply b/c it reverses insulin resistance. I would google it if I were you. Indications/predispositions that may cause a person to have PCOS:

    - Family members with diabetes

    - Trouble TTC in past

    - Facial acne as an adult

    - Acne on inner thighs

    - Skin tags on body

    - Dark circumfrential line around neck and/or waist (acanthosis nigricans)

    - Central obesity (around waist)

    - Increased hair growth (where you don't want it, i.e.: around umbilicus, along beardline, innner thighs) -- can be as few as 4 or 5 hairs on cheeks/chin that you never noticed before, or can be excessive (hirsutism)

    I'm sure there are more, but I can't recall them now. Your doc can also draw your LH and FSH levels to check the ratio between the two, and your prolactin level should also be checked, along with your fasting blood glucose.


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