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So.... my beta is tomorrow and...

I tested yesterday and today and got VERY faint lines both days... but shouldn't the line get a little darker each day?



Re: So.... my beta is tomorrow and...

  • A line is a line! Congrats, sounds like you are pregnant to me! I have always been told not to compare lines because they can vary. Good luck at your beta!!
  • Sounds like you're pregnant--congrats! Good luck tomorrow, I hope you get great numbers:o)
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  • Yea, do not compare lines!! I made myself batty about it! Congrats!!!!
  • Congrats Hon!!!!!  I hope you have a great number tomorrow!!
  • Yay! I tested positive on a digital almost a week ago and (because I'm a freak) I tested on an internet cheapie today (Because I'm a freak) and the line is STILL squint-worthy. So there. Hoping for great bet tomorrow!
  • Sounds promising to me!  Yes
  • Congrats! GL on your beta draw tomorrow!
  • YAY CONGRATS!!! My line didn't get any darker until about 4 days after my first positive. I was stressed too because I wanted to see the line get gradually darker. Then after that it would get darker, but not everyday. So I would try not to worry!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!
  • As pp said a line is a line!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
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