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New here...and have a question about Estrogen and Progesterone levels

Although not new to SIF, I am new to the boards here.

I began a medicated cycle this month (with timed intercourse).  I administered the HCG trigger on 3/20 and began Progesterone suppositories on 3/24.  I am scheduled for bloodwork on Monday 3/30 to check my Estrogen (was 355 on 3/20) and Progesterone levels and then a beta scheduled for 4/7.

For things to be progressing and hopefully leading to a favorable beta on 4/7...can anyone give me an idea of what my Estrogen and Progesterone levels should look like on Monday?

These suppositories are torture mimicking every pg symptom I had when I was pg with my son in 2005.

Thank you to anyone who is able to shed some light on this for me.

Re: New here...and have a question about Estrogen and Progesterone levels

  • First off, welcome to the board!

    Hormone levels differ so much from person to person.  There isn't a definite value that anyone could give you.

    Generally speaking though when your follies are growing and your eggs maturing, your Estrogen  will go up till you O.  After O your Estrogen starts to drop and your progesterone goes up.

    What I would expect to see is your estrogen number less than 355.  Different doctors/labs use different scales for progesterone levels indicating O.  My doc says anything over 6 is considered ovulatory but the higher the number the stronger the O.  If you do conceive, your progesterone should carry on going up for a while anyway.

    I hear ya on the suppositories.  They suck.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the welcome JosiPeaches...I figured that the levels would be different person-to-person...the information you gave me is exactlly what I was hoping for...just something so I could understand it a little better.

    I'm trying to remain optimistic that things will work, but definitely not getting my hopes up...this 2ww is driving me crazy.  I've always heard it was bad...guess you don't believe it til you're there.

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  • Hey there! First good luck with your BETA, and second, I do not know what estrogen level they are looking for, but I do know that progesterone needs to be above 6, and more toward 15. The higher the prog. The "stronger" the ovulation of sorts! Good luck, and let us know


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