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my story, trying not to be discouraged..saifw

I post and roam a few of the boards but mostly post on Parenting.  I have been trying for DC#2 for 2 years.  I conceived DD very easily and got a bit of the run around from the OB which is why is has taken me so long to get to the RE.

Basically I had a HUGE dermoid (teratoma with hair, teeth...yuck) Ovarian cycst that was removed during my c-section with DD.  It ruptured inside when they were operating and the RE feels this is the source of all my trouble and I am very discouraged. 

The cyst destroyed my left ovary (OB who delived DD NEVER said this was a possible outcome, he said I should have no issues after the surgery) and the liquid caused scarring that has attached the front of my uterus to my abdominal wall and causing my cervix to be extreemly out of position.

RE thinks the sperm can not reach to opening to my cervix since it is in a fixed position it can not 'bathe' in the seman and have the sperm get where they need to go. I ovulate regularly and my RE thinks the  best course of action is unmedicated IUI. Good and bad news there too.  Good news in no meds (only spot of good news, actually) Since my organs are so damaged and out of position he is not certain of 3 things. 1. He isnt sure he has instruments that can fit my anatomy therefore IUI would not work. 2. That the scarring on my uterus makes me high risk. He thinks if I get PG I could carry just fine but the delivery is risky.I will definitley need another c-section but he thinks I could loose my uterus. 3.If IUI doent work there is no alternate course of treatment he would recommend.

Part of me says there are miracles everyday and there is no reason I can't be one of those miracles. The other part of me thinks it is never going to happen.  I want another baby but I think there is a part of me not letting me want it too much because somewhere deep inside me I know that I cant have anymore.

 I guess I just needed to get this out and I would LOVE to hear anyone with a sucess story.  Good luck to us all!



Re: my story, trying not to be discouraged..saifw

  • have gone through so much. ?I am sorry all this is weighing you down. ?I don't have any specific advice. ?I can understand what the RE is saying regarding tools and your anatomy, but they can do a trial run ahead of time to see if it is an issue before you go through everything else. ?I am guessing he is not suggesting IVF b/c of the anatomy issue (but I am not sure). ?Can you get a second opinion from another RE? ?I wish I had some other thoughts. ?(((HUGS))) and prayers
  • I'm sorry you're going through all this. It's hard not to get discouraged. I agree with pp, maybe get a second opinion. (hugs)
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  • Thanks, ladies.

    He is the head of the best RE clininc in my area so there is no where else to go that will take my crap insurance or I would be in MYC in a heartbeat (I live only 20 minutes from the city). 

    I asked about IVF and he said if the instruments dont work for IUI, they wont work for IVF. Makes sence. Also he can not see my crappy left ovary on ultrasound (just recovering from a Lap where he saw all the damage) and I need an MRI to monitor it. He is not sure he would start me on injectables under those conditions. Also makes sense.

    The only way is to try so the beginning of next cycle, I go into hyper-chart and OPK mode and pray that I O on the right ovary. (which I should  because I feel it on the left this month even though there is no O happening).

    What a mess and thanks for staying with me here. It is good to just type it all out and it helps organize racing thoughts.


  • I wish you could get a 2nd opinion because i think (although i am no expert) that there should be more they could do for you.

    I think before any conclusions are reached they should check out the ability of the instrument to reach the proper position.  I know for IVF they usually schedule a "mock" transfer just to note any abnormalities or possible obstacles.

    I understand that if they don't have instrumentation they can't perform the IUI (though i have honestly never heard of this), but i don't understand why they would say they could not take it any further without other testing?  What if the IUI instrumentation works but is more an issue of not producing enough follicles (since you only have one functioning ovary) or simply that the odds of IUI are lower than IVF.  Also are there no other surgical procedures they can do to try to fix the adhesions and scar tissue?

     Has he consulted with any of the other REs in your clinic? since your case seems a bit unusual and complex.  I know at my REs office they have board meetings to discuss the different cases they are dealing with amongst one another.

    I hope everything works out for you.  Try not to lose hope yet and always keep that door open of a second opinion (even if it doesn't seem financially feasible at this time).  Just because someone is the head of something doesn't mean they are the best at it.  I think the OB that is the head of my hospitals department is a bit of a quack:)  lol

    Good luck and i am sorry you had to go through all of this.


  • I am sorry you are going through this. I would also look in to a second opinion.

    Also, when you post here, you do not need to mention sifw! Everyone on this board is working on baby #2 or more! Good luck.  

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