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good morning ladies i was just reading

I was just reading more on clomid and i am a little confused. It says the normal days to take clomid is cd5-7. Well i am starting my on cd8. Is it late for me to start the clomid? I have my HSG scheduled for tomorrow afternooon and i will be sure to ask the doctor. and than i have my u/s scheduled for the 8th of april. any input would be nice. TIA

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  • I know that this is no help, but I would ask your Dr. He may have a reason for having you start it on day 8, and not 5. I would ask him why he is having you do it that way, and see what he says. I have heard women take it anywhere from day 2-day 10.
  • That does seem a bit late. Generally it's 3-7 or 5-9 but he might have a reason for doing it that late. I'd ask.?
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  • i thought it was a little late and i even questioned my hubby this morning and he said the dr said to start on monday after your HSG and have your u/s on or around april 8th. i just finished the 10 day of provera on friday i am not sure that has anything to do with it. i will talk to him after he does the HSG tomorrow
  • I don't think it really matters.  Lisa got pregnant on this board and had taken Clomid 5-9 I think but no measurable follies so mid-cycle she did another Clomid series and is now pregnant.  So I have a theory it doesn't matter.
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