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So the nurse finally called...

Beta is only 9.5.  RE believes it's a chemical pregnancy.  I have to go back for more b/w in the morning but she told me not to get my hopes up.

So I guess it was a BFP after all....and yet, not.

Re: So the nurse finally called...

  • I have not lost hope yet. . . . I think that maybe things are just getting started. It would make sense that you have not gotten a bfp yet. I would wait, and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow.

    HUGS** I am so sorry that you are feeling down, but do not go there just yet! 

  • Josie- I have not been following or know the history of what you went through this cycle

    But wanted to let you know Ashlyn's first beta was 14.5 they told me to expect the worse, which I did not. I wrote it off as I was PG until proven otherwise, and well ... You can see Ashlyn below so hang in there

    I would also get positive tests on first response but could not get a positive digital for 3-4 days.

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  • I'm not losing hope yet either. 9.5 is better than zero and so while, no you shouldn't just assume this is a positive, but you can't rule out the cycle just yet. Good luck! I hope you have a miracle.?

  • Oh man, what a nail biter.  I'm so sorry.  I always had a theory you might have O'd later than you thought this cycle.  I'm not counting you out.  I'm gonna pray for you tonight.  GL hun and (((HUGS)))!!!!
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  • Josie,

    I am so sorry - I know that wasn't the result that you wanted.  But it isn't quite over yet - I am hopeful for a miracle.


  • Ugh... I hope there's still a light at the end of the tunnel for you!
  • Am praying for you too!  Hang in there...

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  • I am so sorry you are going through this! I know it looks dark and dismal now, but please do hold out some hope. All betas have to start somewhere! I really am hoping for a miracle!!
  • thoughts and prayers and tons of hope for you, sweet girl
  • I still have hope for you.  Your numbers will go up in the AM.
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  • I have not lost hope either!  It could be very very early still. 

    Good luck tomorrow!  I'm still keeping you in my thoughts


  • Oh honey.. I'm sorry! I'll be praying you just implanted late and tomorrow's b/w will show something different. ((hugs))
  • Josi! Wait! My beta with DS was only 6 at 14dpo.... You could come out of this with a baby..... Just wait to see what happens. GL sweetie.
  • Josi: You just never know. That's about all I can say. Keep your chin up. I'll be praying for you!
  • Josi :(    (GREAT BIG HUGS) Please don't lose hope yet!! We are here for you either way.
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