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So much to do...and SD can't bring snack to school!

DH got a call from the school yesterday, apparently they have an infestation problem and so no snacks will be allowed in the classrooms until after spring break.  I am sure she will be mad but there isn't much we can do, they need to spray the school down and can't do it till the kids are out for a week.  They have apparently been trying spot spraying but it is too widespread.

This is the last weekend before our trip to NY so tomorrow SD and I are going to sit in her room and she is going to try on some of her less worn clothes and summer swimsuits.  I need to pack for the trip so I have decided that I am going to have SD pick out her clothes for the trip, and I will write down a specific list of what she wants to bring so I can make sure it is cleaned and packed.  We are trying to leave on Saturday (REALLY early AM) and pick up SD on friday evening so there isn't enough time for her to pack herself. 

Does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier for me?  I have to pack all three of us.  We do have a dvd player in the car so I figure we will bring a bunch of movies and she can have her pillow and a blanket and watch tv on our way.  It is going to be about a 12 hour drive (FUN!).

Re: So much to do...and SD can't bring snack to school!

  • I think that sounds good, definatley have her try on the clothes.  You can pack her early if she won't be back until the day before you go.  (am I reading that correctly?) 

    I hate packing, we were in Disney for 7 days, packing for 5 people=not fun.  Have a great trip!!!

  • Where are you going in NY that you would need bathing suits? It is going to be cold there-Indoor pool?

    Anywho, we drove to Disney when I was her age. Pack lots of snacks, and maybe go get some fun activity books-madlibs, puzzles, etc. She is old enough to play the license plate game, and that always keeps me occupied (still does).
    Rand Mcnally has fun kids road trip books-

    I loved these as a kid. Especially the search ones where you had to spot different things as you are driving. Super fun. I might pick some up for myself-I am such a loser!

  • My dad belongs to a swim club and my sister goes all the time so I was thinking she might be able to go too, just bring one just in case. 

    Yes, she would come to us the day before the trip.  She has some math workbooks she can work on and we will of course get snacks.  I like the idea of madlibs etc.  I get car sick so I would prefer her to "entertain" herself which is why we are bringing DVD's.

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