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consignment sales this weekend? need baby gates

Any consignment sales this weekend?  We need baby gates - is that something that is usually at consignment sales?  esp need a super yard adn soft and wide gate.

Re: consignment sales this weekend? need baby gates

  • Check this link out - lists all the spring consignment sales by date.

     You might be able to find a baby gate.  Would recommend getting there before the sale even starts - there's usually a line out the door and all the good stuff gets snatched up quickly.

  • There's always Craigs List.  DH and I got new baby gates (really nice ones, sort of $$) and about a week later my mom decided to get the same ones for her house (for her dogs - to block them in the family room) and she was patient and haunted CL.  She got hers for about 1/4 of the price we paid new.

    She also bought a bunch of Super Yard pieces - however many it comes with plus extra pieces - same thing, to block her dogs when my parents leave the house.  Again, she got them for a steal on CL.  (we bought ours new... gees, you'd think I'd have learned the lesson!)

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