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Pumping question

I'm trying to get a stash going for when I go back to work.  Yesterday I went to the Back to Work classes at the Breastfeeding center of Washington DC which was really helpful but got some information that seemed to conflict what I have read in books.  I have read that you should limit pumping sessions to 10-15 minutes to prevent nipple trauma.  At the class yesterday the instructor said you should pump until your breasts are empty in order to make more milk.  What do you do/were taught?
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Re: Pumping question

  • nipple trauma?? never heard of that; FWIW I didn't really build up a stash until I started pumping regularly 3x a day at work, I pump more than DD eats and the stash has grown quite nicely.

    IMO you should pump as long as there is milk and then another 2-3 mins to make your breasts produce more milk (you could stop this after a month or so). I've found that the 1st pump of the day is awesome, I can sometimes get more in those 15-20 mins then I can in the other 2 pumping sessions combined. I do not limit my pumping sessions, I cannot imagine stopping while there is still milk coming out!! IMO that would lead to an infection/mastitis.

    If you can, pump w/n 2 hrs of the 1st morning nursing session, I usually pump 60-90min after. I nurse one side at a time (i.e. 3am - left, 6am - right) but I pump on both at a time

  • I pump until empty. As pp said, the morning pump is the best - probably the only time I could really go for the full 15 minutes with results, usually it's shorter than that.  I had a small stash when I returned to work at 9 weeks, but nothing really to speak of.  Now my Friday milk is frozen and Monday usually requires a dip into the freezer.

    But - I've never {knock on wood} had an infection.  Maybe someone who has should weigh in?

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  • I'm a pumping fool (and currently have a mastitis infection - fun!).  I empty both breasts and continue pumping about 2-3 minutes more.  That takes me about a total of 10 minutes.  I've never heard of tramatizing the nipples.  Sofka seems to do really well - her advice sounds good!
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  • I pump until I am empty.  I have never heard of nipple trauma before...

    When does DC go down for the night?  I feed Ian at 6:30 ish and put him down for the night.  I then pump around 10:30 and go to bed.  Then when he is up at 7 I am ready to feed again.  I get a good 15oz that way.

    good luck!

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