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The only thing I hate about being a SAHM the monotony of picking up the clutter that accumulates every stinking day!  I pick up the same stuff -- toys, bottles, burp rags, DH's stuff he drops after walking in the door after work..etc.  Seriously.  It's sitting all around me now and I just can't get motivated to pick it all up again.

Other than that, my life is really pretty darn good.  So I'll stop bitching!

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Re: The only thing I hate about being a SAHM

  • I hear ya. I think it just "stands out" more to me now b/c I'm home a lot more. Before, I wouldn't have cared so much if things were messy. Now I can't stand it.
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  • Totally agree!!! I was just b!tching at DH tonight because I was sick of wiping off the counters for the 5th time today right after I cleaned up toys for the 3rd time. It does get old :)
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  • I know what you mean, it's like "damn, didn't I do this yesterday?" Oh well, better than sitting in an office all day :)
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  • I hear ya, I've never heard anyone say how much they enjoy shuffling all the accumulated crap into the proper areas of the home every day!

    Emily is 2 1/2 years old and just now really "in" to helping me clean up and she LOVES when I give her special assignments like putting her plate in the dishwasher and putting all her toys in their baskets so, at least I'm not doing it 100% alone anymore!  :)

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  • oh I totally agree.  As soon as I sit down I look at the coffee table or end table or floor and something pops out that I need to get back up and do because it drives me nuts if I don't do it right then, I hate that!

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  • My DH is a compulsive straightener, so I'm pretty lucky in that regard.
  • Oh, I totally agree!!  I feel like I am constantly cleaning up, and DS is only 2 months old.  DH stayed home yesterday with us, and it amazed me how much *extra* clutter was laying around with him being here!  Uh!


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  • I totally agree....times three! Now that I have 3 young kids of varying ages, my house is never fully clean. It's SO frustrating. There is only 1 of me cleaning up and 5 people making messes (me, dh, 3 sons). The math doesn't add up! I clean while 4 people behind me make more messes.

    Once the weather gets warm I plan on being outside all the time. That way if I clean the house at night when the kids are in bed, it'll stay clean all day long if we're not in the house messing it up. And then in the evening when we come in after a long day, I'll get to enjoy my clean house (at least that's the plan...)

  • after DS is in bed, I put in 10-15 min of straightening up, it doenst take care of everything, but its enough that i dont feel like ill be waking up to a mess.  Im not compulsive about this stuff. never was, in fact, I am more orderly now than ever
  • Hmmm, the idea of large trash bags in every room comes to mind - If you don't clean up this mess I'm going to throw it away.

    Is there really a reason why you need to pick it up every day?  Yes, it feels nice to live in a clean and organized home, but unless it's a safety hazard or you have company coming over, take a break.  You can always clean (and have SO pitch in) on the weekends or whenever you feel up to it.

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