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Hospital Bag

I know this has been asked before (but not in a while)...but those that just had babies...what did you take to the hospital.  The lists that I keep seeing seem like SO much stuff.  I want to pack minimally, but don't want to forget anything that might be needed



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  • Well, this is what I've got packed:

    diaper bag w/: a couple baby outfits, recieving blanket, pacifier, diapers, wipes, burp cloth

    duffle bag w/:comfy clothes like yoga pants, a couple tops to easily nurse in, outfit to go home in, shower shoes, fuzzy house slippers, nursing bra, nursing pillow, camera

    toiletries bag w/ sample-sized toiletries, make-up bag, ect...

    a pillow from home

    Yes, I have three bags, but I didn't want to stuff everything into one huge bag.  I'd rather have more than less.  ;)

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  • Long warm socks... I kid you not. I actually allowed my mother into the room during delivery (which I said no to previously) as long as she hurried and brought long socks. The epi makes your feet freezing!


    Yoga pants

    Nursing tops

    flip flops

    cell phone charger/cell

    camera charger/camera

    book... after you have the baby they take him/her away to do tests and you have an incredible amount of time to do nothing with limited cable channels. I recommend Twilight.

     One NB sized baby outfit in a cotton/comfy variety.

    Extra pillows for you and DH.

    Toothbrush/tooth paste


    MINTS! Labor is hard and heavy breathing leads to dry stickymouth AND you can't have water.

    toiletries. I loved having my own. Made me feel more "me" plus it made me smell like I normally do for Little Man.

    DVDs. I brought Friends season 7. Something to have on in the hours you are in labor but not pushing. That time drags.

    Car seat

    Extra clothes for DH

    Brush, hair ties...

    Baby mittens 



    Unneeded items I packed and never used...



    lots of clothing items


    baby clothes/diapers/wipes/diaper cream



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  • mmmm, I didn't know the epi makes your feet cold! 

    going to go pack some socks pronto!

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