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Long Beach OB/GYN recommendations

Hi all,

Does anyone live in Long Beach and have insurance through Cigna? I had to switch my medical insurance and need to find an OB/GYN in Long Beach. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know.  Thanks :-)

Re: Long Beach OB/GYN recommendations

  • Hi there! I don't know if she accepts Cigna, but my OB is great. I live in Long Beach but her practice is in Los Alamitos, by Los Al Hospital. Her name is Dr. Agneli, and she's at 562.431-3606. Good luck!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info. I will look into it :-)

  • I go to Dr Endo at Long Beach Memorial!! She is great...the whole staff there is great!


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    Thanks for the info. I will look into it :-)

    I agree the whole staff @ LBOBGYN is amazing!  I've had both my babies with them!

  • I know I'm late chiming in...don't normally go on these boards.

    I agree with the above posts...LB OB/GYN is great. They delivered both my kids. They only take PPO insurance.

    2840 Long Beach Blvd., Suite 230, Long Beach, CA 90806 (Corner of Long Beach Blvd. & Columbia...right on the Long Beach Memorial campus)


    Dr. Dennis Noesen

    Dr. Laurie Endo

    Dr. Karen Koe

    Dr. Rebecca Schwartz

    Dr. Michelle Reddy

  • I LOVE my doctor... Leslie Gonzalez... on Bellflower

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