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BFP at 15dpo but no symptoms!?

So after 7 months I finally got my bfp 2 days ago at 13dpo! I took 3 tests and all came back positive but I don't really *feel* pregnant. I'm more tired than usual and a little bit nauseous now and then, but with my first baby the symptoms came on soooo severe and sudden that there was no mistaking it.

 When did you all get your first real symptoms? Is it normal not to feel too bad this early? I had a chemical pregnancy 5 months ago so I'm a little nervous.....

Re: BFP at 15dpo but no symptoms!?

  • I felt great at first!
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  • Congratulations! And you're barely pregnant, so you wouldn't necessarily be having any symptoms yet. Scroll down through posts to find the answers to these questions.
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  • ya... it's normal. I didn't have any symptoms really w/ my first.

    And anyway, most real "symptoms" don't actually show up until around 6 weeks. Try to not stress.

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  • Thats normal. I didnt feel any symptoms till a few weeks ago. Every ?pregnancy is different
  • Totally normal, you're so early still. Aside from tiredness and sore boobs, my symptoms didn't really kick in until 7-8 weeks.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    I'm 7 wks exactly and I've had very few symptoms. My boobs are bigger and I feel like throwing up if I don't eat often enough...but otherwise I'm really good.

    I just had an u/s earlier this week and everything's great!

    Everyone and every pregnancy is different.

  • Don't worry every PG is different even your own, I wouldn't worry so much as be greatful no symptoms. I didn't get my symptoms til 5 wks.
  • Every woman and every pregnancy is different so you're probably gonna be different this time around!  Good luck!

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  • Every pregnancy is different-- I miscarried in december and knew 3 days after conception that I was pg.  I sat around 8 weeks after that waiting for my period to return and wondering why I had this never ending stomach bug.  I just didn't feel pregnant.
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  • Wait for it. Pregnancy symptoms are tricky. They lay low making you think you're one of the lucky ones and then out of no where hit you like a mack truck. I started having symptoms at about 7 1/2 weeks.
  • I had zero symptoms until 6 weeks.  Some never have any symptoms. 
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  • dont worry!! enjoy the few days of joy and feeling good before it hits...mine started at 5w4d...

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  • three tests should ease any worry that you might have. Don't let lack of symptoms make you doubt anything! Congrats and H&H 9 months!
  • absolutely - enjoy it while it lasts!
  • My breasts are sore. That's it still. Congrats!!!
  • Besides a growing belly, I had no symptoms my entire pregnancy.

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