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Anyone have info on providing childcare services in your home??

I am a nanny, I am not certified but I have worked for 2 families for a total of 5 years experience (plus a ton of babysitting when I was in high school). 

Now that I am pregnant I am looking for ways I can continue earning (even if its only a little) after the baby is born.  I know a couple of moms that operate childcare in their home (one I know is certified and the other I am not sure) and I was thinking if I could do that, it would be great for me because I can stay home with my new baby and earn a little something. 

I would just want to be a  "type B' home because I dont think I could handle more than that many kids at one time.  And I know I only need to be certified if the service is being paid for by the government. 

I just feel like I need a lot more information.  So if anyone has ANY info that would be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it!

Re: Anyone have info on providing childcare services in your home??

  • I actually have a Type B. I am in Summit county. There are pros and cons to both being certified and not. I started out non certified and my enrollment inquires have double since I got my certification even though my rates are significantly higher now. There is alot of paperwork and a lot of hoops to jump through. It was easy for me b/c most of my experience was in daycare centers. The con side to certification is that you do not have the freedom you would have with a nanny job or noncertification. If the kids are bored you cant just pick up and go to the park for an hour. You have to plan everything and have paperwork on it, usually in triplicate. However, being certified has given me a chance to put in place policies that keep my from being taken advantage of by parents. It also gave me a really good contact and "co-worker" in my state agent. She is very helpful. Even though I have been caring for children for over 8 yrs and have a bachelors degree I still come across situations that I need help with....having a really good agent helps with that and keeps me safe b/c she keeps very detailed acounts of everything that happens here at my home. Hope this helps some. Also, check out the ODJFS childcare was very helpful to me in my research when i began.
  • Thanks so much, you really provided a lot of information.  It is nice to hear from an actual person about this.
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