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Anyone here have asthma?

What medications are you taking?  I haven't met with an OB yet but I plan on asking them what medications are safer during pregnancy but I was wondering what experiences people here had.  I had mild respiratory problems with my first two and had an albuterol inhaler just in case, which I rarely used.  Now since I've moved to Arizona I have asthma and I'm taking Singulair and Advair. 
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Re: Anyone here have asthma?

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    Yes- I use Asmanex and used to use Singulair.  I stopped Singulair a month ago since the data on breastfeeding was not entirely clear.  I can go without it as long as I am using something else (nasal spray) for my allergies.  The purists will say Pulmicort is the only category B steroid inhaler (B ok, C, possibly risk) but my doc feels that Asmanex shouldn't be any riskier necessarily than the Pulmicort.  I am a PA- and one of the allergists at my hospital has even had some of our mutual patients (I see those with GD) on oral steroids for short bursts- though that is less desirable.  I would definitely have a good conversation with your OB or GP- but it is doable.
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    Advair is fine to continue while your pregnant. My OB advises his patients to stay on it, but I tried without it and my asthma has improved (probably due to hormones). I haven't used my albuterol inhaler or nebulizer treatment since I got pregnant! Before I was pregnant, I was frequently hospitalized for severe attacks and used my nebulizer daily. I guess 1/3 get better, 1/3 get worse and 1/3 stay the same while pregnant. Because hormone levels are different each pregnancy, just because you were worse with your others doesn't mean you'll be worse again. Good luck!
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