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What is you leave at work?

My best friend is having  baby.. and we talking about her leave at work. I wanted to what is every one get from their work..


Re: What is you leave at work?

  • Minimum maternity leave should be 6 weeks.

    Heather, 9 Months To Planet

  • I just wondering your benfits,  is it paid, un paid? Does your health insureance is payed for? 


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  • The actual benefits vary from place to place, but most place give paid maternity leave.
  • For example:  Mine is 6-8 weeks at 67% of your base pay and the 6 or 8 is whatever the doc requires you to be off.  6 weeks is standard for a vaginal delivery and 8 is standard for a C-Section.  But you can have up to 12 weeks off because of the Family Medical Leave Act, just not necessarily paid.  I had been working at a bank...and there it was based on how long you had worked there...I had been there 6 years and I was to the point I could have had the whole 12 weeks off paid at 100%.  Just shows how different it can be depending on where you work.  I wish I could have had a baby while I was still at the bank....would have been nice. 
  • My leave depended on the type of delivary I had. Vaginal was 6 weeks of 60% percent pay or c-section 8 weeks @ 60% paid. I also used my vaca time so I was only off for 3 weeks w/out pay.
  • Maternity leave where I work is 12 weeks unpaid.  I had 40 hours of vacation time saved up, and instead of just giving it to me in one single check, the sent me four different checks.  One having a grand total balance of $4.60!  What's the point, honestly??
  • Where i work the maternity leave is not the greatest we get two weeks paid and can take up to 12 unpaid, but seriously who can afford to do that these days?
  • I'm a teacher, and our maternity leave is taken out of our sick days.  A typical vaginal delivery is 6 weeks paid, and a c-section is 8 weeks.  My doctor gave me an extra two weeks because even though I had a vaginal delivery, I had third degree tearing.  One of those extra two weeks was spring break, and teachers don't get paid for that anyway, so it was a moot point. 

     Then you get the option of going back or taking the rest of the school year off unpaid.  I decided to stay home for the rest of the year with my LO.  I can't imagine going back just yet!

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