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does your 9 mo old sleep with a blanket?

Re: does your 9 mo old sleep with a blanket?

  • He sleeps with a sleep sack.  I don't feel comfortable doing the blanket thing anytime soon.
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  • She just started sleeping with a blanket.
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  • DS sleeps with both. We have a basement apartment and we sleep with a cool mist humidifier. It gets very cold.
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  • Neither.  She sleeps with a onesie and heavy PJs.  Plus, I have a space heater in the room to keep it at 70 degrees.
  • Blanket since 6 months, but DD is super strong and active, so I felt comfortable with it.
  • DD has 2 blankets.  One or both usually end up outside the crib as she likes to toss things out now and watch them fall.
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  • He sleeps with both.  His room gets really cold and he seems to like to have something to grab onto and tuck in with his hands.
  • Blanket. He's really mobile so I'm not worried that he will get tangled up.
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  • Blanket- its just a small fleece throw.  He also has a flannel recieving blanket we throw over him as well. 
  • Neither.  We were using sleep sacks until about a couple weeks ago and switched to pj's with long sleeve onesie underneath.  His room stays nice and warm and he is a warm little kid too. 
  • My DD is younger than 9mo and she sleeps with 2 blankets. She has a small satin and terry cloth blanket she like to put her head on and then she covers herself with a fleece blanket. I took her out of her sleep sack about 2 weeks ago bc she was get so comfortable with her blankies.
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  • Blanket, a crocheted one from a friend of mine. Although, it's never any where near her when I go get her in the morning.  :) 
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  • Maja has been using a sleep sack AND blanket since day one.... hated being swaddled so we had to figure something else out to keep her warm without putting 100 layers on her.


    I put the blanket down and put her on top and fold it over her... she still doesn't move too much around so the blanket prettty much stays underneath her the whole time.

    I figure that by the time she can move around, she will be old enough to get it off her face plus we mostly use crocheted blankets so they have "holes" in them :)

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  • Blanket since pretty much day 1.  DD has always moved around a lot in her sleep and for some reason I've always felt comfortable with it.  It never stays on her for too long anyway she always manages to get it off somehow.
  • She's always had a blanket. And did just fine.
  • Yes. ?And I have no qualms about it either.?

  • pillow and two blankets, but he has since he was about 4 months. he loves his blankets.
  • Blanket. Its too cold not to.
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  • We use a XL Halo Sleepsack because beyond the safety concerns, I feel like she wouldn't know how to keep herself covered with a conventional blanket all night long.

  • DS has slept with a blanket since day one.
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