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First Birthday cake question

I know we have a little ways to go (thankfully...if it were here already I don't know what I would do!!!) But I was curious to see what all you guys did for cakes.  Did you make your own? Did you do a "healthy" version or just a normal cake...I am getting opinons right and left but thought I would pick all of your brains since you have all been so helpful in the past =)


Re: First Birthday cake question

  • not there yet, but i'll definitely bake my own!  probably a cupcake for the baby to tear into, and a larger cake to feed everyone else.

    or, i might do a tiered cake - i did one for a casual post-wedding reception I had for some friends and it was really fun.  I could just give the baby the top.

    I personally wouldn't look for an extra healthy recipe, but if you make your own you can control the ingredients a lot better!

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  • That is along the lines of what I was thinking....doing one for Aiden and another for everyone else....I am not looking for sugar-freee...but like you said, just something I can exciting!

    Thanks for your input! You are getting close!!! I hope you are doing well!

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  • We got Grant's at Publix. They also give a free "smash cake" for the little ones. I haven't decided if I'll use Publix again for Reid, but I'm leaning towards using The Cake Lady. I don't want the stress of messing up the cake by doing it myself.
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  • For Harrison I used Publix and their adorable Dinosaur cute!  For Avery I made hers....the famous Wilton cupcake pan! 
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  • We had way too much going on the week before and a lot of family coming in town, so there was no way that I was going to attempt a cake!  I got ours from Matty Cakes in Midtown and they did a wondeful job.  We did a big 3D cake for the adults and a smaller version smash cake for Colin.  He had never had any processed sugar-I was super anal and made all his food, but I didn't worry about the cake being healthy!  He maybe ate a couple bites at most.  There was so much going on for him that day; he just wasn't into eating it. 

    I'm sure as he gets older I'll bake some cakes for him, but there was just too much going on for the first one!

  • I went a little nuts and made 75 cupcakes from scratch along with a large cupcake specialized for Alec.  I used a lemon cupcake recipe and it turned out really good if I do say so myself.  I made the cupcakes for his daycare party and his first birthday party at our house.

    Overall, making the cupcakes really only took one night and I iced them all in the morning.

    If you like to bake, let me know and I can give you the recipe I used.

  • My mil use to be a wedding cake maker so she made Ethan's birthday cake, along with his smash cake, for his first birthday.  It was sooooo good.  She was oot for his second birthday, so I ordered a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company; very good, too.  I also made a dozen cup cakes.  I'm hoping my mil will make Jack's cake for his first birthday.
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  • I had way too much to do the week before his party between out-of-town guests and various other things to even think of making his cake so I got Benjamin's at Kelly Kakes in historic Roswell.  I was debating between that and Publix and since DH doesn't like Publix cakes, I went with Kelly. It was awesome, very yummy and she made a little smash cake too.  I didn't worry about healthy for the cake since it was his first birthday and I wanted him to indulge (meaning me indulge) in everything!
  • JMO, but cake is cake, I don't care about making it healthy!  But I'm not super-anal about that kind of thing anyway, definitely "in moderation" kind of gal over here :)

    I think the Cake Lady did Jack's first birthday cake, smash cake and cupcakes (if that's Eileen), and it turned out great!!  I'm getting his 2nd birthday cake from Publix because I want the 3D Thomas cake, I know he's going to love it :)  Not sure what I'll do for Ethan's 1st birthday, will decide after I figure out a theme and all that closer to time. 

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  • I made Gavin's cake (the giant cupcake) and regular cupcakes for everyone else.  Turned out great and I'm really happy I decided to do it.  As for healthy, he didn't eat enough of it to worry about so I'm glad I didn't go to too much trouble there.  Oh, and just to warn you... the icing filled diapers the following day were so much fun :-)






  • Thanks guys! (Sorry...I am just getting online again) I guess I need to decide if I want to make it or buy it...I guess I need to decide a theme much to do!!! Thaks for all of your input!!!!
  • I am making the cake for Cadence's party next week. I'm doing a carrot cake..'cause the carrots make me feel better about the sugar I am letting her have :) Also most of the adults that will be there like carrot cake a lot. I'm doing a tiered one with fondant polka dots and stripes..first time working with fondant so we'll see I might end up at the Publix bakery before the week is over ;)
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    We ordered two pull-apart cupcake cakes from Publix.
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