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anybody use a tucker sling?

Just wondering.  We are considering getting one because DS rolls around all over the place at night now that we have a wedge in there ( for his reflux).  Does it fit over any mattress/wedge combo or do you have to buy their wedge?


Re: anybody use a tucker sling?

  • We used one until Drake was too big and pulling the velcro off himself.  It worked great and it made him feel secure.  We put the wedge under the mattress and the sling fit right over the standard baby mattress like a sheet would.

    They are ridiculously expensive so if you don't mind hand-me-downs I can send you a few of ours.  They are size small for 6 - 16 lbs.  We got them from the NICU so the insurance paid for them.

    If you want them email me nanakwaz023 at yahoo dot com.

  • That would be great!  I'm off to email you now....
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