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sleepless nights... How much does it mess with your BBT?

Hi ladies! I've been lurking for awhile now and I've learned a lot from reading all of your posts, thank you! A month ago I didnt even know what a BBT was or that you can chart :(

This is the first time charting for me and it looks like my temps are so high compare to everyone else.

I have some sleep issues... I wake up probably about 3-4 times a night (at least once to use the bathroom). When I wake up past 2 am its usually to roll over or get a sip of water but I always stay up for a few minutes.

So my question is if I wake up a few times in the middle of the night, even if only for a few minutes, will that mess up my BBT if I get at least 3 hrs of sleep before I take my temp?

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated :) and thanks so much for opening my eyes to charting!  I actually like waking up to take my temp~

Re: sleepless nights... How much does it mess with your BBT?

  • I've ticked the sleep deprived box on FF twice - both of those times I still managed to get 3-4 solid hours before temping, and the temps seem in line with the others on my chart - they might be higher or lower, but as in the bigger picture they work as part of a trend.

    Your temps are fluctuating, but it's impossible to tell at this stage if that's normal for you or not. Some people have very stable temps, and other people (including me) have more erratic temps - you'll just need to chart for longer to see which you are. It's frustrating I know, but there isn't a quick way to tell.

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    As long as you are getting 3 hours and temping at the same time, it should be fine.

    You are very good at giving charting advice.  

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  • So do you think it would be better to take my temp at the same time everyday even if I dont get a 3 hours sleep in a row (due to waking up thru the night) Or would it be better to take my temp after 3 hours of sleep even if its 1.5 hrs earlier than my 6:45 wake up time? I wake up usually between 4-5:30 for a few min then fall back asleep until my alarm goes off at 6:45. Is it not even worth charting b/c of my sleep pattern ? :(

     I really dislike my sleeping pattern...

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