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As I've gone off bcp, DH has been talking a lot about genetic testing. ?He's really worried about having a child if he knew something could be seriously wrong. ?We both realize that nature has its own way, despite genetics, but I have to admit he's got me even more concerned. ?Neither one of us have any family history of birth defects and my CF test came back fine. ?Did anyone get genetic testing done before TTC? ?If so, what can they screen for? ?Helpful advice needed.


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  • on advice of the Dr who did our NS scan I had the Jewish panel done (it's a blood test but very expensive). We had this done while I was already pg, nothing while we were TTC. DH is not Jewish so the chances of a baby having something were small but I did turn out to be a carrier for some awful disease so then we had 2 very hard weeks waiting for DH's test to come back (negative thankgod!). Had he turned out to be a carrier, we'd have had the baby tested.

    Not sure what you'd do w/ results if you had them before you were pregnant, unless you chose to somehow separate the sperm and do an insemination w/ only the healthy sperm if it turned out your DH had something... not even sure if that's possible

  • DH and I were seeing an RE because we had recurrent miscarriages. ?Part of their tests was running a genetics workup for major problems. ?Everything came back perfectly fine.

    We had our DD and she has a very very rare genetic condition. ?It wasn't something that is tested for in normal genetics screenings. ?So even if you have the labs done, there will always be something that can't be tested for, or wasn't tested for.?

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  • The main ones my doc screens for are CF and genetic diseases that are prevalent among particular races or ethnicities, if applicable (tay-sachs, sickle cell).  I haven't heard of being tested for others absent a family history.  Keep in mind that insurance probably wouldn't cover any additional testing beyond the norm - a few plans don't even cover the basic genetic tests until after conception, which is assinine, but sadly true. 
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