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Does anyone have a Britax Marathon?

I am looking at one to upgrade from the infant seat and can't seem to find the crash ratings. If you have one do you know anything about the crashes? Good, bad? Thanks!

Re: Does anyone have a Britax Marathon?

  • i have one and i think it was rated very well for crashes but cant remember where i read it.
  • I have one and I know it rated very well.  One of the people I heard this from was the police officer who installed our infant seat.  I mentioned I had registered for that one and he basically said that we should definitely get a Britax.
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  • We have a Marathon for my car and a Roundabout for DH's car.  The California Highway Patrol officer that did our car inspections also recommended Britax although we were sold on it from all the good reviews from our family and friends.  Here's a website with a bunch of great resources:

    Good luck!

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