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I hope this isn't insensitive

but there is a poster on the 0-6 month board who gave birth to an adorable DS.  Unfortunately, he incurred what she called an accidental brain injury at birth.  I do not allow myself to google, (long story from pregnancy--ha!), but how would this happen?  Lack of blood flow/not performing a c-section fast enough?  My heart is breaking for her since they have no idea how severe it may be.

Re: I hope this isn't insensitive

  • Could have happened same way as Ethie's Erb's Palsy.  He got stuck under my pubic bone and his nerves were crushed.  Birth Accident.  If his oxygen supply had been cut, he could have had a brain injury.
  • i read that too.  she posted some of the story on 3rd tri as well, but i do not how you get a small bruise on the brain as an accident during birth?
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  • I feel so sad for her also but don't really have an answer to your question. 
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  • Thanks for that link, brandons.  It sounds like even her OB is not sure...how scary. 
  • I haven't read her post so I don't have an answer as to her case.  Before I gave birth, I wasn't sure how babies got birth injuries.  Then I had an undiagnosed placenta previa that ruptured during delivery and had to undergo a stat c-section (you would not believe how fast they had my baby out) and my child spend over 3 months in the NICU and still has many complications. 

    There are so many ways an injury can happen... they don't discuss them in birth classes but it does happen.  Perhaps her child's head was stuck or they used forceps and it caused an injury.  Your question is not insensitive in the least and I think it's good that you asked... much better than if you remained uninformed.  THEN you might have been insensitive (I almost never talk about my birth story on here so I've gotten some DOOZIES as answers to my posts.  Hence a new screen name!)  I'll scoot over to 0-6 month now to read her post.

  • I just briefly read her post. It appears he was large at birth, and some babies who are that big have issues with their shoulders being stuck after the head comes out (called shoulder dystocia) and can cause damage that may include the brain (but more likely nerve damage). Or, it could have been a foreceps delivery and the Dr applied too much pressure etc. Or the baby got stuck under the pelvic bone.

    I hope her son comes home soon and has no lasting effects from this injury. How sad and scary!

  • When Emerson's h/r got into the low 60's I couldn't have them cut her out fast enough.  That's so scary.  My heart hurts for her as well.

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  • My H's HS classmate had a baby and her labor wasn't progressing fast enough, so the Dr. got out the vacuum and was a little over zealous with it.

    He had a scheduled C-section the next day for another OB in the practice, he wanted to go home and get some rest so he used the vacuum. He injured the baby's brain, a lot. Like she had glassy eyes and was not very responsive. The Dr. wouldn't look at her at all. He just left right away. She spend a few days in the hospital and then she passed away.

    something to think about.

    There is a lawsuit in the works for the Dr. I hope they win, it was a very sad situation!

  • OMG lindsey that is awful.  We had a vacuum-assisted birth, and I was praying the entire time that nothing terrible would happen like this.
  • I was on oxygen at least a day before DS was born to keep up his oxygen levels.?

    I try not to read birth stories and?I ?feel very blessed to have a healthy baby. ?

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