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She gave herself a hickey!

DD was chomping on her wrist so much she now has a hickey on it (or monkey bite as my mom calls it). She woke from her nap, chomp chomp chomp chomp. She cried to be picked up and I see this giant hickey on her wrist. She really went to town!! Holy moly!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Not sure if this is related but she has what looks like a sore under lip where her gums meet her lip up really high. She is constantly putting her hands in her mouth so all I can think of is that she cut her gums with her nails and now its infected or something. I am calling the ped on Monday if it doesnt get better. Anyone experience that before? My DD is a weirdo! haha

Re: She gave herself a hickey!

  • It sounds like she is cutting teeth.
  • DD gave herself a hickey once... she was teething like crazy at the time! Is it possible your LO bit her lip? I sometimes get sores on my lip if I bite it by accident.
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  • Its on her gums under her lip where the gums meet the lip. horrible spot! I think its the reason shes waking at night, its painful. =(
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