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i feel like i'm going to lose my mind

charlie is awake. fighting sleep. and i am sooo exhausted. DH has been working tons of extra hours and everything is falling on me right now.  i felt like i was going to start screaming at charlie so i put him in his crib, turned on the video monitor so i can see him, and came downstairs.  i need to breathe for a few minutes, and can't take his screaming right now!! ugh! DH just got off work and he'll be home soon.  i am taking ten minutes, bc i need it.  but of course, i feel mommy guilt about it.


at what point do you say, ok, i am NO good to the baby if i am not sane... and just take a break?! i feel so guilty...like i'm being selfish. but seriously, he was fussing and pushing me and pulling my glasses off my face and refusing to sleep.  i wanted to SCREAM!


make me feel less guilty for leaving him in his room alone...

Re: i feel like i'm going to lose my mind

  • if you need to scream then do it...it will make you feel better.

    what i usually do is when oliver is screaming is i go in there and i say "omg! you're pissing me off! please stop screaming..." not yelling at him of course, and it usually makes him stop and start laughing

  • hahah! i did scream once, and it scared him sooo badly! i wasn't screaming at him or in his face, i just let out a big frustrated scream and he was sooo upset! i am afraid i traumatized him...so i don't feel like i can now..LOL!
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  • if you feel that you're at your breaking point (and all moms get there!) then there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a breather.  You're a good mom for recognizing the need for this!
  • i would do (and have done) what you did.

    i've laid him in his bed and gone to my bed and put a pillow over my head and pulled all the covers over me.  it has ended in crying, but H stepped up to the plate & took care of DS without even being asked.

    it's better for you to step away if you are frustrated.  charlie will feed off your anxiety and only get more upset.

  • I did the same thing last week. DD and I were driving home from OOT and I just couldn't handle the sleep deprivation/her flipping out anymore. I pulled over and got in the back seat with her to comfort her and then I cried and cried. Finally I thought she was calmed down so I started driving again and she started wailing again. I thought I was going to lose it. The only thing I could do was just turn up the music and keep driving. Eventually she just fell asleep.

    I thoroughly understand the need to just take a break. Do not feel guilty about this. Sometimes mommies need a little time too. It happens so rarely that you shouldn't worry about it.

  • Hang in there hon! Your DH will be home soon.
  • It happens to the best of us.

    My husband went out of town when Adam was cutting two teeth. He missed his dad and he was miserable. He was inconsolable the first night. He cried in his crib. He cried if I held him. Nothing helped. I gave in at 3 am, turned off the monitor, and went to bed. I felt awful, (I STILL feel awful about it 3 months after the fact!) but I had to take care of me so I could take care of him. :(

  • thanks guys. it's good to know i'm not the only one who has had to do it. i just don't understand why they don't sleep when they are *obviously* tired! ugh!
  • You completely did the right thing.  Put LO where he's safe and walk away when you feel like that.  You're absolutely justified.  I'll get better.

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  • imagePMJacobsen:
    thanks guys. it's good to know i'm not the only one who has had to do it. i just don't understand why they don't sleep when they are *obviously* tired! ugh!

    heck yeah we've all done it.  Sometimes you just need 10 minutes to recapture your sanity.

    I don't under stand the fighting sleep thing either.  Trust this, if someone told me to go to sleep, you bet your asss I would be running to my bed to go to sleep within two seconds flat.  Babies, they are silly!

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  • It's ok. Put him in his bed and give yourself a breather. You won't traumatize him. Promise.
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