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I was also told about Barclay Prime! I want a yummy steak and a nice wine...but I really don't have anything dressy that fits Embarrassed. Can I get away with dark jeans, a nice top and heels???
Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10

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  • I think that that would probably be fine. You'll be sitting down anyway! :)?

    There food is so good, I'm going to be so jealous if you go! Last time we went I had the Veal Porterhous and I forget what DH had. Anyway, between salads and appetizers and all neither of us finished our entree so we asked the waiter to wrap it for us. Well, some how, our food got accidentally thrown out so they made us brand new meals to take home! The food, along with atmosphere and that kind of customer service are what will keep me going back to a restaurant like that.


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