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What convertible car seat do you have?

We need to get 2 very soon. I just can't decide. Is it worth the $$ for the Britax?

Re: What convertible car seat do you have?

  • Evenflo Triumph.  Love it.
  • I have an Evenflo Triumph. It's not the best ever, but it's safe and gets the job done. :)


    ETA: What I mean is: It's not as cushy as I would like it to be and we don't have a cute pattern. Sorry. It really is a good seat. 

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  • We have a Graco one and a First Years True Fit - both seem to be fine
  • Britax Marathon still in the box...DD is small and I am using the infant seat as long as possible.

    We got it $100 off on Amazon a month ago since it is in an ugly print.

  • we have the evenflo triump advance too....

    LOVE IT! but like pp said it's not as cushy as some convertibles but i still love it~

  • We have a Britax Marathon and a Britax Roundabout. I think they are worth the money, but I also recommend the Evenflo Triumph. It is more affordable and still a great seat.


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  • We have a Roundabout and we love it.  My mom just got an Evenflow Triumph for her car.  She hasn't installed it yet (just bought it today) so I can't give a review.
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  • imagelucky17bride:
    Evenflo Triumph.  Love it.

    Ditto, and ditto.

  • love our britax marathon
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  • Evenflo Triumph Advance - really like it

    Evenflo Titan Elite - don't like it very much

  • First Years True Fit. It's cushy. I want one for myself.
  • We have the true fit too and it works very well for us so far!  The only thing that can be a pain is that the adjustment strap for the shoulder strap is between the legs, which when RFing is very hard to adjust.  But we have the straps set at the right tightness and can still get DS in and out.
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  • We had a Marathon and a Recaro Como (see post above), but sold the Como on craigslist and purchased another Marathon. LOVE the Marathons and got them new off ebay for more than$100 off each one.
  • imagestephm0188:
    First Years True Fit. It's cushy. I want one for myself.

    yep. Kennedy loves the convertible. I also like that the top headrest comes off for rear facing under 22 lbs. It makes it a little bit smaller and easier to install. It also has the 65 lb FF limit I was looking for in a car seat. We have a cute girly pattern too (monet). 

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  • Evenflo Triumph Advance and LOVE it!
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