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How many oz. your DC eat a feeding?

DS (26 weeker) now  41/2 mths actual age. only taking 2-3 oz. a feeding. BM is being fortified w/ Neosure. But I am totally freaking out. I know he should be eating more, but he is still gaining weight. Any thoughts?

Re: How many oz. your DC eat a feeding?

  • Have you discussed this with his pedi? My 7 week old (one week actual) drinks about 4 - 5 ounces a feed. ?I think if your pedi is okay with his intake and he is gaining weight, then don't worry about it.
  • My lo has reflux and he will b 6 months next week so 4.5 months adj. he only eats between 2-3.5 oz at a time and I was concerned about this and she said that my bm might have more calories than an average person b/c like you said he is still gaining weight. but I would ask the pedi just to put your mind at eas.
  • I also have a 26 weeker. He is taking 5 ounces every 4 hours. He has reflux and can't seem to take more than that. A week ago he was only taking 4 ounces at the most every 3 hours. Sometimes he would take only 3 ounces every 3. I know with the reflux there is only so much he can take. He is almost 8 months actual, 5 months adjusted. The pediatrician told me last week that he should be having 26 ounces minimum in a 24 hour period and he is having that or a little more on some days.
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  • As long as he's gaining well I wouldn't worry. The rule of thumb is 2oz/lb/day.. so it depends how often he's eating, too.


    Robbie is 9mo actual/6mo adjusted and still only takes 3oz breastmilk every 4 hours.And he actually eats less than that by mouth- I have to pump the rest in through a feeding tube. It's fortified to 24 cal w/prosobee but he's still not at the calorie intake he should. But he gains okay with that so his GI doc and pedi are happy. (Robbie has tummy problems so doesn't eat well. he having a hiatal hernia repaired and a G tube put in on Tuesday.)

  • I'm not sure my answer is going to be helpful ... but at 7days old, he's up to 55ccs (which is almost 2 oz). He was 9.5 lbs at birth, though, and still in the NICU, so they're worried about his caloric intake.
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