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Update from the pedi - ear infection

Well looks like we have our first ear infection.  DH and I both hhad tons of ear infections as babies and had tubes in our ears early on, so I'm not surprised.  They said that because she is breastfed is probably what has kept her from getting them so far.  And that since she is so small she will be more prone to them. 

Anyway, DH came home early and I took a 3 hour nap but woke up with a sore thoat and coughing.  So looks like we are all sick now.  Caroline's fever spiked to 103 again so we rushed her to the pedi and got the last appointment of the day.  We got the free (yay!) antibiotics from publix, and she is sound asleep for now.  I really really hope it clears up this weekend and we can all be back to normal by monday.  We are a pitiful little family for now though, lol

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