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Myrall* and my FFFC Hindsight 1st time mommy thing.

Ugh I hate the sharks attacked full force on you with that one. Don't sweat them those girls are vicious. I mean these are the same women who post peoples IRL names and also put porrn on photos of other women's baby siggy pics. I hate you caught slack here too. We have all done things we wish we hadn't with our kids. and if you haven't well You got me beat.

So in honor of your dry humor honesty (that I totally got by the way, but maybe b/c we share that humor)?

Here is my FFFC thing I regret in hindsight mommy thing.?

?Jackson was so little only 5lbs 9 oz at a month, and I was so scared to bathe him. so I got in the bath with him and held him. Only I was so exuasted and didn't realize it. The warm water him sleeping on my chest. I feel asleep. I pray to GOD it was only a min. but honestly have no idea. I could have killed him. He could have slipped down and drowned. I was so upset when I woke up at how STUPID it was for me to do that. 1. BY myself at home. 2. So tired. I swear I didn't realize I was.??I must have cryed for hours. B came home and I was a mess. So there it is. I will never again bathe at home alone with any of my future kids until I pass the 3 months not a zombie mommy anymore phase.

Re: Myrall* and my FFFC Hindsight 1st time mommy thing.

  • Ra, it's okay. I still love you. *wink*

    Like I said in the previous post, I expected some push back, but you never really expect people to wish you dead! YKWIM?

    Eh, I shoulda known better. It's like Andrea said, if that LOTR bee-yotch had posted it, she'd have had all the sympathy in the world. Airing our dirty laundry in the form of our tiny failings as parents only makes us more human. Ain't it great? Smile

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  • The fact that they compared you to the woman who let the dog eat her baby was ridiculous. ? These women thrive on their toxicity. ? And yeah, if one of their "friends" would have posted it, it would have been like, "whatevever, we understand." ?OR you would have seen some "Oh, I've done that too". ?I wonder how many people didn't say me too because of the back lash you got.?
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