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Prayers Please...

While on our honeymoon we met so many wonderful people. Springwedding05 and another friend named Laura. Several of you have met Laura over the last few years.

Those of you who know her remember she had breast cancer and ultimately had to have a mastectomy. Just to give you some background, after Laura gave birth to Gavin who is about 5 months younger than Elliott the two of us used to run 2-3 times a week. It was during one of these runs that she thought well maybe she had a clogged millk duct from breast feeding but after several days the lump would not go away. So she went to the doctor and that is when she found out she had cancer.

 Anyhow the cancer is back. I am so scared for her and her family. Please click on the link below and if you can help in anyway anything would be appreciated.

Please pass this on to anyone else you may know. 


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