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Cody is Now 4 1/2 month and weighs 10lbs now.He was home for three weeks till I had to take him back to the hospital for surgery. He's been having dialysis at home everyday and because of the pressure of the fluid in his tummy from the dialysis, it pushed his Hernia back out. I rushed him to the ER on Feb. 17th and they admitted him to Choc's right away. He then went in for a 2 hour surgery the following day. After surgery Cody was having a hard time breathing, so they took X-rays of his chest. They saw that he had a partial collapse lung that had fluid in it. They said he has pneumonia. He has now been at Choc's for 10 day and is still in their. He's on a breathing machine and antibiotics. We are praying he will be home again soon. I'll keep everyone updated on the out come of our little fighter. Shelly

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  • Thanks for the update.   I hope the antibiotics kick in soon and Cody starts getting better. 

    Ravens - how are you and your little guy doing?

  • we are at home in our baby bubble ! lol We are weaning him off steroids in order to repeat all the tests and procedures again OFF STEROIDS. We were home for one day and then he flipped off the bed and got a mild concussion and also came down with the croup. We are home for about 6 weeks unless he has another episode and then we go to Philadelphia/Boston.
  • Yeah for being home.  Bummer about the concussion and the croup.  Poor guy (and mom).   I'll be hoping for 6 weeks of no episodes for you guys.   You guys deserve a break.

    Your comment about the baby bubble made me laugh.  Have you seen the commercial for baby wipes where the kid is in the sand box inside a baby bubble?  Ultimately they are making fun of the bubble concept but I watch and think "Hmm.  I wonder where I could get one of those for Olivia?" 


  • gosh I hate to hear that anout Cody.. thanks for keeping us informed.
  • I'm so glad to get an update on Cody but I am sad to hear about his surgery and the trouble with his breathing.  He has already proven to be such a strong little guy though! 

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