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MrsL, Ashley, Brandi...others nearby

I potentially have a couple of easy weeks coming up here at work so I would be available to meet you guys for lunch or a park stroll or something if you and the babies are up to it.  Let me know....

Re: MrsL, Ashley, Brandi...others nearby

  • Yep, I am up for it. Monday and Wednesday are pretty busy for me so Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are usually more open.
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  • Next week is very busy for me b/c all of our family is coming into town Friday. So I am just doing things at home to get the house ready. The following week is open except Mon and Weds.
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  • Yeah, I know you two are going swimming without me....:(
  • Sounds good to me. I'm headed to Savannah next week...but should be free after that.
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  • Aiden and I would LOVE to go to the park! We took him to Tribble Mill last weekend and he LOVED it! We are pretty open...a few appointments here and there but definitely things we can work around!
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