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Baby Shower ?

If you were invited to someone else's shower, would you take your baby?  Or is this like weddings - if her name's not on the invite, she's not invited?

Re: Baby Shower ?

  • I would not because some people look at it as an opportunity to socialize and get out without the kids.  Also, I would think the hostess would include the baby's name on the invite if that was the intent.
  • I think it's an appropriate question to ask the hostess, unless it's like a tea or something that's obviously not kid friendly.
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  • people brought babies to mine.  It was great!  I'd ask the hostess to be sure.
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  • I heard it's good luck to bring a baby to the shower, so I'd def. ask the hostess and the guest of honor (the hostess may not know you have a baby)
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