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Ugh what a night

Poor Caroline and poor Joey are both sick... .which is worse, sick baby or sick husband?  Joey fell asleep on the couch as soon as he got home from work and only woke up for dinner.  C went down really easily for once, and slept really well until about 11:30 when I was ready to go to bed.  Of course then she woke up, so I nursed her and put her back down.  Then for seriously an hour every time I got back to bed and started to doze off she was awake and crying. 

 Finally Joey came and got her and they slept together on the couch.  Then at 3am I hear her crying uncontrollably... just shreiking and gasping for breath etc.  She had a fever of 103.6 and was shivering and shaking.  So I called the pedi to see if we should take her to the hospital since some places say 103 and some say 104.  By the time they called back her fever was down to 101, and she was laughing and playing.  So I nursed her again and finally she fell back to sleep around 5am. 

This morning her fever is down to 100.2, and she is acting pretty normal.  Her congestion seems to be better, and she had a really wet diaper when she woke up.  I am just seriously counting down the minutes for her to go down for a nap so I can go to sleep too.  We were supposed to go out tonight for a friend's birthday and MIL was going to keep C.  Now I'm thinking we stay home but still let MIL take her and we can just sleep.


ETA:  I just read my own post and wow that is rambling and long... sorry guys

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Re: Ugh what a night

  • awww.  poor thing.  that is scary and exhausting.  i hope she is feeling better and naps well so you can sleep.  i think it's a good idea to change the plans to what you suggested!!
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  • Oh Josie you poor thing!! That STINKS!! I am glad that her fever is down. I hope you can get some rest today and sleep tonight. I hope both C and Joey are feeling better. I hate it when they are sick. Wishing you both a LOONNGG morning nap today!
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  • I'm sorry you had such a rough night. Hopefully you can both get a good nap this morning. You may want to take her in to the pedi just in case because that is exactly what C did 2 weeks ago when she had that ear infection. No fever during the day and really high ones at night. I hope that she is not sick!
  • I hope they both feel better soon. That is so scary.
  • You just ramble on as long as you need to. I'd lose my mind if I saw a fever that high. Scary. Fingers crossed that y'all are on the mend! I'm ready for cold/sick season to be OVER!
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  • hope everyone is feeling better today.
  • Josie-We went through it too.  If Caroline is anything like P you are almost done with the rough stuff.  Hang in there!!
  • Sounds like a rough night!  Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
  • I hope Caroline and DH feel better soon! 
  • I hope everyone feels better and you all get some much needed sleep.

    I can't imagine seeing a fever that high, I would probably panic. ?

  • I am so sorry! I feel for you--Kate had a HORRIBLE night Wednesday--throwing up, etc. No fun! I hope DD and DH are all better ASAP--and I hope that you stay healthy. ((HUGS))
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  • I hope everyone's starting to feel better and you were able to get a nap!

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  • How scary! I'm glad that she is feeling better. I hope that everyone feels better soon and gets some rest.
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