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TY note vent

I'm almost done writing my TY notes from my shower--I am forcing myself to finish them by the end of the day tomorrow!

Anyway, I hate trying to figure how to word notes for group gifts. For instance, DH's aunt and 2 cousins got together to give us our stroller--which was awesome, but I can't just write the same note to all 3 of them since they see each other all the time. But there are only so many ways so word a note that basically needs to say same thing.

It also might not be helping that I do believe pregnancy is turning my mind to mush... Tongue Tied

Re: TY note vent

  • I wouldn't worry about it.  It's not like they are going to whip out the notes and compare.  Besides, there are so many ppl who are delinquent on TY notes these days, I think most just appreciate getting one!
  • Do you think they are really going to compare thank you notes?  I doubt it, but even if they did as long as you sound gracious in your note I don't think it would be offensive to write the same thing.  Almost all my notes had the same basic wording.  I just changed the words that pertained to the gift description.
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  • Sometimes, I write my thank you notes in a Word document first before hand writing them in the card. That way I can easily copy/paste different sentences or word things slightly differently so that each card is unique. Also, I have writers block when staring at a blank card so I like to have things typed out first so I can just copy it down. That's great that you are almost done though!

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  • I think it's fine to write the same thing.  I did - especially to the people I didn't know well (or didn't know at all, my MIL got a tad creative with the guest list... and there was one woman that NOBODY seemed to know and that was really strange.)
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