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  • When we first moved to ATL, we were in an apartment in Vinings. ? I walked through the night we arrived and there was mold in our closets and the HVAC room . ?The next morning I reported it to the office staff and they were very blase about it.?

    Having worked in commercial real estate for a long time (and my company owned the complex I moved to, at one point) I know mold is a huge deal. ?I was 3 months pregnant and demanded they repair it immediately or move us to another unit. ?They were so unconcerned. ?They sent someone to paint over the mold and told me they would not do more. ?That if I wanted it done, I had to do it myself and they would not pay me for it. ? (I wanted the walls ripped out and replaced.) ?They told me I could move out and pay hefty lease termination fees if I wanted to. ? On a regular basis, I wanted to inflict pain on our property manager.

    It took 2 weeks of fighting, but I finally got them to rip the walls out and replace them. ?I stayed with a friend while it was done.

    ?There are no EPA standards for mold so if its there, the mgmt company was technically not liable for it. ? I had to scream at a lot of people before I got my way. ? ? ?I tried to get the property manager removed because she was completely inept at her job.?

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  • Mold is such a scary thing.  My mother had to replace the entire downstairs walls of her TH b/c of mold after a hurricaine a few years ago.  She and my step-dad were sick for weeks before they figured out what was going on.  I can't imagine having a baby in that environment!
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  • Yep we gutted our entire basement due to mold and well it flooded too. After Bradbride's husband demolished our tile in the shower there was all sorts of mold in the walls and drywall. It can be very scary.
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