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anyone have weird dreams when on progesterone?

I always have vivid weird dreams, but I've had some real doozies lately. Here are some examples:

---dreamed I found out that my husband had fathered a child many years ago with a woman he met at an amusement park. He wrote me an apology/explanation note on a band-aid (which made it hard to read since it was so tiny!). While I was finding out about this I was also trying to find my PIO, which I had misplaced

--dreamed I had to go to a meeting at work but didn't know where/when it was, and started crying and saying "stupid progesterone!". I actually woke up crying.

--dreamed I met Jennifer Aniston at the check-in line for an airport Holiday Inn and she invited me to dinner. She later canceled on me to go on a date with her boyfriend.

I practically wake up laughing - they are so bizarre! Anyone else care to share?

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Re: anyone have weird dreams when on progesterone?

  • I have really vivid and insane dreams on Provera!
  • OMG Yes!  I had my first ivf this month, so first time on progesterone.  I had some really weird dreams too. I don't remember them very well now, but this is what I do remember. 

    My son (22) and I were at some high class condo building and Rebecca DeMornay (spelling?) was trying to kill him.  Don't ask me why?  

    Oh, another one was that my sister was pregnant with twins, but she had a newborn she just brought home from the hospital.     

  • You have weird dreams when you are pregnant too:) That's all I am saying:)
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  • You know that you mentioned it YES! I thought I have been some really weird dream lately and didnt even think that it could be the progesterone.
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  • Yes! Well I think it's from the Estrogen patches though. Since I put them onI've had some doozies. Last night especially. I've done just the progestrone supps prior cycles and didn't notice anything too crazy, so that's why I think it's the Estrogen.

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  • Yep...I had the weirdest dreams! I was hoping they were the crazy pg dreams that you hear about, but they weren't for me. I hope they are for you though! :)


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  • I am LOL at the dream about your husband writing you an apology note on a band aid. 

    I hope they are crazy pregnancy dreams. 

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  • I don't mean to jump the gun here but I had super vivid dream on the days leading up to my BFP. I'm just sayin'...
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  • I had crazy vivid dreams too - mostly sexual in nature and I got a BFP (even though it didn't last) GL!!!
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